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For over 20 years, InfoTank has supported small businesses by providing full-service IT support. We provide small businesses all the resources of a fully staffed IT Department, on-site or remotely, for a fraction of the cost. Our Atlanta IT Support professionals are local to Atlanta and have decades of experience.

We enable you to focus on your business while we provide top-quality service, specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.


  1. IT Support: Our local Atlanta team is second to none, providing desktop support, servers, networking, cybersecurity, active directory, cloud services and migrations, data backup and data protection, hardware and software solutions. We work with Windows, Apple/Mac, Linux and more.
  1. Custom Development: Our IT professionals can build out custom software and databases for your business, using APIs to tie your proprietary software into other business functions to help streamline your business operations. We also build robust websites to power your business.
  2. Consulting: We can help you take your business to the next level with our IT Consulting and Virtual CIO services. We enable you to focus on your business while we serve as the strategic technology leader in your organization. We can help inform your IT vision and assist in making important IT decisions. The key to maximizing technology is to stay ahead of the curve.

Most small business owners need IT services but can’t afford the administrative and financial burden of adding more headcount. Whether we provide helpdesk services on an hourly basis or handle your entire IT suite as your local managed services provider, our IT team is ready to jump in and provide IT solutions to help you meet your business goals.

Time and time again, the answer is yes. Outsourcing your IT services to InfoTank’s team of experts is not only cost-effective, but it’s also just smart business. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we work to understand your business needs and strive to become your “IT Department.” You get the benefit of our depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge, without the hassle and cost of a full-time employee. You also don’t have to worry about hiring, training and managing an IT employee, which can be expensive and time consuming. All of our employees are based in Atlanta, GA, so you never have to worry about being diverted to a technician in a foreign country.

Is Outsourcing IT the

Answer for Your Small


Many of our SMB clients are in the professional services industry, including law firms, accountants, architects, marketers, engineering, insurance, real estate, and more. We handle all of their IT management by protecting their systems from cyberattacks, installing patches and upgrades, assisting with disaster recovery and supporting their employees with hardware refreshes and setups. We are experts at Microsoft and Google products and can help your team with any needs they have.

Let Us Handle Your Cloud



The days of the server room are going away. Small businesses no longer have to grapple with an on-premise server and the worries it brings with it. Aging servers and unreliable firewalls are becoming a thing of the past as more and more businesses move their systems to the cloud.


Migrating to the cloud is not as complex it may sound. Basically, critical services are migrated from your on-premise environment to a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. These cost-effective services allow you to manage your IT infrastructure remotely without the security risk, inconvenience, and cost of maintaining on-premise hardware. InfoTank can plan and implement this migration, and once your business has migrated, InfoTank can support your team with the complexities of data storage and permissions with Onedrive or Google workspace. Our InfoTank business analyst also can handle SharePoint creation, Microsoft Teams and data management while working to understand your IT needs and ensure your technology is being used to its fullest potential. Many manual tasks can be solved through automation and custom development solutions. We have saved our clients thousands of labor hours by increasing efficiencies through smart technology investments.


Security is a major concern for every business today. Depending on the severity, an attack can result in costly downtime, loss of proprietary information, data leaks, or worse. Ransomware and sophisticated cyber actors are conducting attacks daily, threatening to erase all you have achieved in your business. InfoTank understands these threats and has the tools to secure your network and protect your data. Your clients trust you to protect their information and you can trust InfoTank to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish this task

We Know

Managing and securing a network can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We provide around-the-clock monitoring and management of all the components in your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches. Our automated systems detect and report failures of devices and connections as we proactively monitor your computers, servers, and other network elements. Our goal is to keep you up 100% of the time and eliminate costly, frustrating downtime. We are experts at working with an assortment of networking devices, including Cisco, Ubuntu, SonicWall, VMware, Extreme, Juniper and Dell. We have years of experience handling wired and wireless access networks.

Backup and Disaster

Should the worst happen, having access to your data should be one of the highest priorities of a business. Whether through cyber-attacks, a disgruntled employee, or a natural disaster, data can be permanently lost. A comprehensive backup and recovery system is a very important investment to ensure the long-term survivability of your organization. InfoTank can create an automatic solution that fits the custom needs of your business.

We Grow with Your Business

Local to Atlanta, the folks at InfoTank have the flexibility to meet your organization’s needs, from one-time fixes to full-time on-site support. Our professional IT support service can help you purchase, install, upgrade or maintain your equipment so it runs seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. We also offer training for your employees to ensure quick adoption of technology. Our goal is to be your local, trusted IT team. We will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business while we work behind the scenes to manage your information technology and IT costs.



Working with the group at InfoTank is a pleasure. They are easy to work with, professional, responsive and do quality work.”
Paige J.


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