Managed IT Services



InfoTank provides organizations all the resources of a fully staffed IT Department for a fraction of the cost. Our Atlanta based Managed Service professionals have decades of experience providing top quality service, specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. As an MSP, we provide enterprise level services to smaller organizations who would normally not be able to afford such solutions. We help you purchase, install, upgrade and maintain your equipment so things run seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. We will be with you every step of the way as your organization grows.

Cyber Security
Remote Support
Server and Workstations
Wireless and
Wired Network
Moving to a
new location
Cloud Computing
Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery
Software Installation
and Training

Servers and Workstations

We know Servers.  Whether you are deciding on your first server purchase or maintain multiple servers, we can help

Cloud Computing Options

Access your data from anywhere, provide real time information to employees and customers.  Take advantage of robust features previously only available to large organizations

Data Back UP and Disater Recovery

We will securely back up your data on a regular basis

Software Installation and Training

We will help you choose the right software for your organization and make sure it is installed properly and that you know how to use it

Moving to a new location

Moving to a new location can be a daunting task, but moving your IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be.  We have experience with site planning and smartly moving to make the most of your new space

Wireless and Wired Network Support

InfoTank can help you design, install and maintain your wireless or wired network

Remote Support

InfoTank can provide remote support to quickly solve many problems and get you back to work.  We can also monitor your servers and back ups remotely to identify potential problems before they become major problems

Cyber Security

Protect your network from malicious actors. The loss of private information and ransomware attacks can paralyze any organization

How we have helped our clients

  • Designed, built & maintain their server and network center.
  • Engineered and implemented entire network infrastructure for all schools, office buildings & athletic centers, including campus-wide outdoor WiFi, video surveillance & security access controls.
  • Provide full-time, on-site user support to all three schools, Pre-K to 12th grade.
  • Put disaster recovery & data redundancy plans in place to minimize server downtime and protect business critical data.

  • Handle all staff & student support requests, provide consultation, installation & maintenance of all server systems, wired and wireless LAN/WAN equipment.
  • Developed the complete network infrastructure design and installation for their new 7-story school downtown; provide full-time, onsite support.
  • Manage purchasing through the e-Rate services process to secure federal govt funding and discounts allowing the school to obtain affordable comms & internet access.

  • Designed and implemented cloud migration efforts of server enterprise applications, email and data storage, giving Arketi more flexible, secure access to their systems & data while relieving the company of server hardware and license-management overhead.
  • To address COVID-19 challenges, deployed a VoIP cloud-based phone system to allow Arketi staff to stay connected with their customers, employees, and partners directly from a mobile device, no matter where they are.

Cost Comparision

In-house IT Employee
Cost $ $$$
Continuity InfoTank maintains a full staff of highly skilled technicians to provide uninterrupted support 365 days a year If your IT employee goes on vacation or gets sick, you have no coverage. When your employee leaves, many systems and programs may be lost with them
Knowledge With InfoTank you have access to multiple experienced technicians with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge. Technology is constantly changing. Many companies with one or two IT employees struggle to maintain proficiency and end up requiring assistance.
Scalability InfoTank will scale with your business as you grow. Whether you are 5 People or over 200, we have the skills and experience to guide you through the necessary IT decisions. In-house IT employees are often underworked or overworked.
Oversight InfoTank takes care of all oversight responsibilities of an IT dept. An in-house IT employee requires hiring, management, benefits, taxes, training, etc.